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Vital Celtic - Archives for 2013

Still up for grabs - Brown (02/01/2013)

Celtic look to sign-off with win (02/01/2013)

Late drama at Celtic Park (02/01/2013)

Midfielder leaves Celtic (02/01/2013)

Celtic grateful for helping hand (02/01/2013)

Defender banned for two games (03/01/2013)

Striker still targeted (03/01/2013)

Defender in Celtic talks (03/01/2013)

Break important says keeper (04/01/2013)

Defender hoping to sign for Celtic (04/01/2013)

Deal agreed says agent (07/01/2013)

Celtic interested in English defender (07/01/2013)

Celtic distance themselves (07/01/2013)

Welcome break for Swede (08/01/2013)

Hoops check midfielder (09/01/2013)

Italian ace highlights Wanyama threat (09/01/2013)

New shirt deal for Celtic (09/01/2013)

Celtic keen for striker decision (10/01/2013)

Deal done for defender (10/01/2013)

Lennon wins award (11/01/2013)

Break important says midfielder (11/01/2013)

Defender delighted to join (11/01/2013)

Celtic move in on duo (12/01/2013)

Celtic told to make offer (14/01/2013)

Midfielder keen to decide future (14/01/2013)

Canaries deny Hooper bid (14/01/2013)

Celtic ready for return (15/01/2013)

Lennon to try fresh approach (15/01/2013)

Celtic hit back in friendly (15/01/2013)

Special moment for Mo (16/01/2013)

Celtic agree fee (16/01/2013)

Celtic complete deal (17/01/2013)

Celtic dismiss Hooper bid (18/01/2013)

Stokes targets return (18/01/2013)

Keeper leaves Celtic (18/01/2013)

Celtic mourn legendary figure (18/01/2013)

Celtic return to action (18/01/2013)

Celtic to the fore on return (19/01/2013)

Lennon delighted following victory (19/01/2013)

Lennon eager to keep striker (20/01/2013)

Midfielder cleared for Celtic (21/01/2013)

Celtic could turn to Burnley ace (21/01/2013)

Let's keep it going - Mjallby (21/01/2013)

Gunners keen on Celtic ace (22/01/2013)

Ledley plays down speculation (22/01/2013)

Skipper seeks killer touch (22/01/2013)

Celtic look to go further clear (22/01/2013)

Hooper rejects 'final' offer (22/01/2013)

Celtic power on at top (22/01/2013)

Celtic reject second Hooper bid (22/01/2013)

Lennon sure goal-ace will stay (22/01/2013)

Celtic bid dismissed (24/01/2013)

Keeper sure striker will stay (24/01/2013)

Striker happy to make start (24/01/2013)

Celtic striker departs (24/01/2013)

Third time lucky for Celtic defender (25/01/2013)

Lennon wary of semi-final opponents (25/01/2013)

Celtic pay penalty in cup exit (27/01/2013)

Lennon blasts Celtic display (27/01/2013)

Let's move on - Ledley (28/01/2013)

Unsettled times for Lennon (30/01/2013)

Celtic back in league action (30/01/2013)

Celtic surge on at top (30/01/2013)

Third Hooper bid rejected (31/01/2013)

Lennon denies further Hooper bids (31/01/2013)

Celtic miss out on striker (31/01/2013)

Celtic check teenage winger (01/02/2013)

Celtic return to cup action (01/02/2013)

Lennon expecting tough test (03/02/2013)

Celtic sweep through after the break (03/02/2013)

Lennon targets rematch (03/02/2013)

Celtic handed revenge tie (03/02/2013)

Keeper returns for Celtic (04/02/2013)

Striker so tempted by Celtic (04/02/2013)

Commons defends penalty decision (04/02/2013)

Celtic skipper leads Scots (05/02/2013)

Celtic striker misses out (05/02/2013)

Winger frozen out (05/02/2013)

Wing ace targets Juve (06/02/2013)

We are ready for Celtic - Pirlo (06/02/2013)

Teenager targets scoring return (06/02/2013)

Defender in race to return (07/02/2013)

Juve in Asamoah plea (07/02/2013)

Celtic ace ensures winning start (07/02/2013)

Football Aid 2013 - Play at Celtic Park! (08/02/2013)

Balancing act for Lennon (08/02/2013)

Matthews takes award (08/02/2013)

Celtic wait on quartet (08/02/2013)

Stats: Inverness CT v Celtic (09/02/2013)

Celtic on a high at Caley (09/02/2013)

Young guns delight Lennon (09/02/2013)

Doubts over Celtic defender (10/02/2013)

Tough test says Anelka (11/02/2013)

Celtic wait on duo (11/02/2013)

VIDEO: Dalglish Hoping For Another Celtic Upset (12/02/2013)

Matri set to lead Juve (12/02/2013)

We can match anyone - Lennon (12/02/2013)

We must focus says Juve legend (12/02/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Juventus (12/02/2013)

Juventus take firm control (12/02/2013)

Celtic looking for a miracle - Lennon (13/02/2013)

Lennon angered by hands-on approach (13/02/2013)

Lennon corners authorities for clarification (15/02/2013)

Newcomer blown away by atmosphere (15/02/2013)

Back to basics for Celtic (15/02/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Dundee United (16/02/2013)

Joy of six for Celtic (16/02/2013)

Lennon delighted at Celtic response (16/02/2013)

Goals target for striker (18/02/2013)

Skipper could face surgery (18/02/2013)

Hooper takes award (18/02/2013)

Defender expects tough challenge (18/02/2013)

Celtic look to press on at top (19/02/2013)

Stats: St Johnstone v Celtic (19/02/2013)

Celtic denied late on (19/02/2013)

Lennon baffled in Perth (20/02/2013)

Defender flattered by Liverpool talk (20/02/2013)

Lennon ready to rotate (21/02/2013)

Celtic striker close to return (21/02/2013)

Defender rejects Celtic offer (22/02/2013)

No let-up from Lennon (22/02/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Dundee (24/02/2013)

Celtic hit five past Dundee (24/02/2013)

High fives from Lennon (24/02/2013)

Celtic winger wants clear run (25/02/2013)

Celtic in talks with midfielder (25/02/2013)

Skipper expected to miss Juve (26/02/2013)

Lennon delighted by progress (26/02/2013)

Celtic boss aims for perfect ten (27/02/2013)

Stats: Motherwell v Celtic (27/02/2013)

Rare defeat for Celtic (27/02/2013)

Lennon fumes at Celtic loss (27/02/2013)

Winger well up for cup (28/02/2013)

Revenge mission for Ledley (28/02/2013)

Celtic with a score to settle (01/03/2013)

Celtic surprised at Rangers verdict (01/03/2013)

Stats: St Mirren v Celtic (02/03/2013)

Celtic move into last four (02/03/2013)

Win is a real boost - Lennon (03/03/2013)

Celtic take on United (04/03/2013)

Midfielder up for Juve challenge (04/03/2013)

We can win at Juve - Lennon (05/03/2013)

Celtic still target Italian job (06/03/2013)

Stats: Juventus v Celtic (06/03/2013)

Celtic exit Champions League (06/03/2013)

We just lacked quality - Lennon (07/03/2013)

Lennon can't halt speculation (08/03/2013)

Big game for us - Lennon (08/03/2013)

Fantastic experience says keeper (08/03/2013)

Stats: Ross County v Celtic (09/03/2013)

Celtic stunned by fightback (09/03/2013)

Lennon blasts display (10/03/2013)

Vital F1... If It's F1, It's Vital! (11/03/2013)

Lennon to make changes (11/03/2013)

It's down to us - Mulgrew (11/03/2013)

Defender looks forward to run (13/03/2013)

Midfielder up for challenge (13/03/2013)

Striker hopeful over deal (14/03/2013)

Celtic keeper in England call (14/03/2013)

Investment key for Celtic - Lennon (14/03/2013)

Celtic refreshed for title tilt - Lennon (15/03/2013)

Striker ready to make amends (15/03/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Aberdeen (16/03/2013)

Celtic rally for dramatic win (16/03/2013)

We were sloppy admits Lennon (16/03/2013)

Commons smashes SPL record (18/03/2013)

Celtic aim for perfect finish (19/03/2013)

Celtic could make fresh striker approach (19/03/2013)

Even better this time says defender (21/03/2013)

Winger linked to Celtic (26/03/2013)

Celtic striker acclaims colleague (26/03/2013)

Celtic discover fee for winger (27/03/2013)

Ledley dismisses Cardiff speculation (28/03/2013)

Free Money For All Vital Football Readers (29/03/2013)

Celtic take on cup winners (30/03/2013)

Stats: St Mirren v Celtic (31/03/2013)

Lennon slates 'appalling' referee (31/03/2013)

Ten-man Celtic move step closer (31/03/2013)

Lennon confident despite absences (02/04/2013)

All focus on title - Ambrose (02/04/2013)

Lennon in the dock (03/04/2013)

Ledley expects capital gain (03/04/2013)

Referee demoted in Paisley fall-out (03/04/2013)

Lennon to defend accusations (04/04/2013)

Lennon hopes to wrap it up (05/04/2013)

Celtic closing in on another title (05/04/2013)

Commons on way back (05/04/2013)

Lennon defendant blasts 'pathetic' accusations (05/04/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Hibernian (06/04/2013)

Great position to be in - Lennon (06/04/2013)

Celtic move in on title (06/04/2013)

Lennon keen for further glory (08/04/2013)

Defender hails Commons effect (08/04/2013)

Striker challenged over new deal (09/04/2013)

Keeper admits Toon yearning (09/04/2013)

Title could be decided before next game (09/04/2013)

Tuscans consider Celtic striker (11/04/2013)

No repeat this time says Celtic defender (11/04/2013)

Frustration within success (11/04/2013)

Our biggest game yet - Commons (11/04/2013)

Victory for Wanyama (11/04/2013)

Celtic pursue double dream (13/04/2013)

Celtic's eyes fixed on trophy (13/04/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Dundee United (14/04/2013)

Celtic take best of seven (14/04/2013)

My players deserve it - Lennon (14/04/2013)

Over to you skipper (15/04/2013)

Celtic ace just wants to play (17/04/2013)

Champions lure for Celtic target (17/04/2013)

Sweet repeat for Mulgrew (17/04/2013)

Final target for skipper (18/04/2013)

Three-match ban for Lennon (18/04/2013)

New deal for striker (19/04/2013)

Lennon swears to report offenders (19/04/2013)

Celtic ready to clinch it (19/04/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Inverness CT (21/04/2013)

CHAMPIONS CELTIC! (21/04/2013)

Special moment for Lennon (21/04/2013)

Lennon confident over striker (22/04/2013)

Home success thrills Victor (23/04/2013)

Great feeling for goalscorer (23/04/2013)

Midfielder hails team ethic (23/04/2013)

Midfielder expects to stay at Celtic (24/04/2013)

Lennon angered at omissions (25/04/2013)

Champions look to down the Well (28/04/2013)

Stats: Motherwell v Celtic (28/04/2013)

Celtic hit by rapid fire (28/04/2013)

We switched off - Lennon (28/04/2013)

Discussions delayed until next month (29/04/2013)

Striker wins Celtic award (29/04/2013)

Lennon could face more action (29/04/2013)

Lennon makes shortlist (30/04/2013)

Teenager keen for chance (01/05/2013)

Ledley targets Champions League run (02/05/2013)

Lennon charged over touchline ban (03/05/2013)

High hopes for the weekend (03/05/2013)

Celtic with point to prove (04/05/2013)

Saints target Victor (04/05/2013)

Celtic lure too strong - Mjallby (04/05/2013)

Stats: Ross County v Celtic (05/05/2013)

Celtic draw comfort in Highlands (05/05/2013)

Goal should have stood - Mjallby (05/05/2013)

Dylan relishes Parkhead party (07/05/2013)

Final target for defender (07/05/2013)

Celtic continue to monitor target (07/05/2013)

Celtic could return for striker (08/05/2013)

Lennon seeks big finish (09/05/2013)

Lennon honours friend Stan (09/05/2013)

Celtic trial defender (09/05/2013)

No move from striker (09/05/2013)

Lennon tops Everton list (10/05/2013)

Striker acclaims club legend (10/05/2013)

Lennon cool on Everton link (10/05/2013)

Skipper back for trophy day (11/05/2013)

Stats: Celtic v St Johnstone (11/05/2013)

Celtic romp to easy win (11/05/2013)

Lennon hints at Celtic future (11/05/2013)

Fans were great - Stokes (13/05/2013)

No celebrations yet says skipper (13/05/2013)

Skipper hailed on return (13/05/2013)

Redknapp linked with Hooper bid (13/05/2013)

Celtic duo honoured (14/05/2013)

Lennon our inspiration - Ambrose (14/05/2013)

Striker targets another century (15/05/2013)

Defender hopes for move (16/05/2013)

Winger set to depart (16/05/2013)

Former Everton man doubts Lennon (16/05/2013)

Winger determined for big finish (16/05/2013)

Midfielder on trial (17/05/2013)

Celtic complete league programme (17/05/2013)

We can make Euro final - Lennon (18/05/2013)

Stats: Dundee United v Celtic (19/05/2013)

Celtic romp to victory (19/05/2013)

Lennon praises victors (19/05/2013)

Mulgrew focused on double (21/05/2013)

Winger aims for perfect finale (21/05/2013)

Dream call for Celtic striker (21/05/2013)

Commons calls time (21/05/2013)

Fatigue a concern admits defender (22/05/2013)

Lennon to discover fate (23/05/2013)

Lennon free for Hampden final (23/05/2013)

Hampden run already turned around (24/05/2013)

Striker keen to stoke up atmosphere (24/05/2013)

Celtic defender out of final (24/05/2013)

Lennon tries to reverse decision (24/05/2013)

Lennon wants levels maintained (24/05/2013)

Celtic aim for double delight (24/05/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Hibernian (26/05/2013)


We deserve respect - Lennon (26/05/2013)

Celtic keeper targets World Cup (27/05/2013)

Star man happy to help (27/05/2013)

Striker at top of his career (27/05/2013)

Skipper aims for even better (27/05/2013)

Commons acclaims team-mate (29/05/2013)

Striker targeted by newcomers (29/05/2013)

Lustig issues striker plea (29/05/2013)

Winger could join Celtic (29/05/2013)

Celtic head striker race (30/05/2013)

Midfielder on move again (30/05/2013)

Striker talks up Celtic move (30/05/2013)

Scots not giving up on Celtic ace (30/05/2013)

Former Celt could move (30/05/2013)

Commons hails 'magical' season (30/05/2013)

Celtic rivalled by Villa approach (30/05/2013)

Cats could steal in for keeper (31/05/2013)

Defender unsure of future (31/05/2013)

Forster insists caps still possible (31/05/2013)

Celtic duo withdraw (02/06/2013)

Time to make up for striker (02/06/2013)

Celtic may target final pair (02/06/2013)

Agent links duo to Celtic (02/06/2013)

Black Cats keen on Hooper (04/06/2013)

Celtic to face Liverpool (04/06/2013)

Celtic keen to hold onto key duo (04/06/2013)

Striker talks to continue (04/06/2013)

Celtic confirm striker interest (05/06/2013)

Celtic could approach Irish defender (05/06/2013)

Celtic still keen on long-time target (05/06/2013)

Midfielder plays down speculation (05/06/2013)

Celtic could still net striker (06/06/2013)

Striker may snub Celtic (07/06/2013)

Striker still with recall hopes (07/06/2013)

Striker leaves Celtic (07/06/2013)

Striker with Royals approval (07/06/2013)

Celtic target joins Villa (07/06/2013)

Striker expects to stay (08/06/2013)

Defender expects to leave (09/06/2013)

Champions League key for Lennon (09/06/2013)

Striker in talks (10/06/2013)

Celtic could still lose midfielder (10/06/2013)

Lennon feels so honoured (11/06/2013)

Tigers bid for Hooper (12/06/2013)

Celtic reject striker offer (12/06/2013)

Celtic snap up striker (13/06/2013)

I'm no replacement - Balde (14/06/2013)

Royals step up chase (15/06/2013)

Celtic in defender link (17/06/2013)

Celtic linked with second defender (17/06/2013)

Defender fixes sights on Celtic (18/06/2013)

Title defence begins at Parkhead (19/06/2013)

Defender in talks with Celtic (20/06/2013)

Celtic to sell if price is right (20/06/2013)

Midfielder wants to stay (21/06/2013)

Celtic sign new defender (21/06/2013)

Celtic await Champions draw (23/06/2013)

Fast start a must says Commons (23/06/2013)

Deal collapses for midfielder (23/06/2013)

Newcomer raring to go (23/06/2013)

Celtic draw Northern Irish opponents (24/06/2013)

Celtic move for striker (24/06/2013)

Striker expects great atmosphere (24/06/2013)

Celtic still face sell-on fee (25/06/2013)

Celtic could swap dates (25/06/2013)

Lennon relishes home visit (25/06/2013)

Celtic offered striker (26/06/2013)

Wanyama row rumbles on (26/06/2013)

Celtic would welcome return (27/06/2013)

Dates switched for Champions League (27/06/2013)

Celtic defender set to move (27/06/2013)

Skipper welcomes new arrivals (28/06/2013)

Skipper relieved there's no change (29/06/2013)

Welsh admirers up the ante (29/06/2013)

Happy returns for skipper (29/06/2013)

Lennon still hopeful over striker (30/06/2013)

Defender will be given time (30/06/2013)

It will be tougher - Lennon (30/06/2013)

Defender exits Celtic (01/07/2013)

Blues keen on McCourt (02/07/2013)

Forster NOT for sale - Lennon (02/07/2013)

Winger flying back for Celtic (02/07/2013)

Newcomer having a ball (02/07/2013)

TV coverage for Celtic tie (03/07/2013)

Celtic open with narrow defeat (03/07/2013)

Celtic set for defender deal (04/07/2013)

Lennon pleased on first show (04/07/2013)

Saints remain keen on Victor (05/07/2013)

Defender thrilled at new opportunity (05/07/2013)

Saints remain favourites for Celtic ace (05/07/2013)

Striker fit again for Celtic (05/07/2013)

Hooper appears decided on Celtic stay (05/07/2013)

Ledley surprised at transfer inactivity (06/07/2013)

Second defeat for Celtic (06/07/2013)

Defender relishes challenge (07/07/2013)

Ready-made replacement - Lennon (07/07/2013)

Saints still in the race (07/07/2013)

Newcomers praised by Lennon (07/07/2013)

Midfielder ready to step back in (08/07/2013)

Defender happy at Celtic (08/07/2013)

Another valuable exercise - Lennnon (08/07/2013)

Early signings important for Lennon (09/07/2013)

Hoops reject two more bids (09/07/2013)

Celtic continue build-up to new season (09/07/2013)

Extra tickets for Irish date (09/07/2013)

Heavy defeat for Celtic (09/07/2013)

Celtic unhappy with latest show (10/07/2013)

No fresh Hooper bid (10/07/2013)

Hoops open on TV (10/07/2013)

Celtic midfielder close to exit (10/07/2013)

No panic from us says Celtic ace (11/07/2013)

Commons expects improvement (11/07/2013)

Wanyama completes record move (11/07/2013)

Mixed emotions for Wanyama (12/07/2013)

Fourth defeat for Celtic (13/07/2013)

Hooper likely to leave - Lennon (13/07/2013)

Lennon up for challenge (14/07/2013)

Midfielder ready to kick on (15/07/2013)

Celtic set deadline (15/07/2013)

Lennon considers alternatives (15/07/2013)

Selection issues for Celtic (15/07/2013)

Celtic return tickets (16/07/2013)

Celtic receive improved offer (16/07/2013)

Celtic sign defender (16/07/2013)

Ambrose set to start (16/07/2013)

Lennon alert to danger (16/07/2013)

Lennon unhappy at early start (17/07/2013)

Stats: Cliftonville v Celtic (17/07/2013)

Celtic ease to victory (17/07/2013)

Lennon delight at victory (18/07/2013)

Tough draw for Celtic (19/07/2013)

Forest bid for Celtic defender (19/07/2013)

Defender thrilled to sign (19/07/2013)

Lennon dismisses speculation (21/07/2013)

New striker opens account (21/07/2013)

Lennon retains hopes over striker (21/07/2013)

Lennon plans Hooper talks (22/07/2013)

Celtic can go further - Ambrose (22/07/2013)

Lennon wants common sense (22/07/2013)

Celtic to field strong side (22/07/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Cliftonville (23/07/2013)

Celtic ease through (23/07/2013)

Celtic hope to soon add (23/07/2013)

Celtic accept Hooper offer (24/07/2013)

Former winger rejects Posh (24/07/2013)

Canaries back in race (25/07/2013)

Striker competition increases (25/07/2013)

Unbelievable experience for youngster (25/07/2013)

Celtic face UEFA action (25/07/2013)

Celtic tie televised live (26/07/2013)

Hooper deal set to be announced (26/07/2013)

Hooper signs for Norwich (26/07/2013)

A huge loss - Lennon (26/07/2013)

Young Celtic side beaten (28/07/2013)

Collective responsibility says striker (28/07/2013)

Celtic in winger talks (29/07/2013)

Striker rules out Celtic move (29/07/2013)

Ledley plays down speculation (30/07/2013)

New name could feature (30/07/2013)

Lennon expects striker to play (30/07/2013)

Celtic complete fourth signing (31/07/2013)

Newcomer a perfect fit (31/07/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Elfsborg (31/07/2013)

Commons heads Celtic victory (31/07/2013)

Lennon happy to take lead (01/08/2013)

Newcomer targets regular start (01/08/2013)

Away form key says Lennon (01/08/2013)

Lennon wants bigger return (02/08/2013)

Defender not for sale (02/08/2013)

Selection issues for Celtic (02/08/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Ross County (04/08/2013)

Stokes completes late double (04/08/2013)

Lennon still wants striker (04/08/2013)

'Green Brigade' section closed (05/08/2013)

Skipper ready for challenge (05/08/2013)

Defender wants to leave (05/08/2013)

Celtic target could move (05/08/2013)

No distraction to defender (06/08/2013)

Trio ruled out (07/08/2013)

Lennon disappointed at decision (07/08/2013)

We must keep going - Forster (07/08/2013)

Stats: Elfsborg v Celtic (07/08/2013)

Celtic hold on to progress (07/08/2013)

Defender set to leave Celtic (07/08/2013)

Lennon targets reinforcements (07/08/2013)

No place for keeper (08/08/2013)

Perfect send-off says defender (08/08/2013)

Celtic drawn in Kazakhstan (09/08/2013)

Defender leaves Celtic (09/08/2013)

Celtic take honours over Liverpool (11/08/2013)

Midfielder high on success (12/08/2013)

Concerns following departures (12/08/2013)

Big money for striker (12/08/2013)

Celtic face competition for striker (13/08/2013)

Striker backed by team-mate (13/08/2013)

Keeper attracting interest (14/08/2013)

Midfielder moves out (15/08/2013)

Celtic increase striker options (15/08/2013)

Striker bid rejected (15/08/2013)

Striker hails welcome to Paradise (15/08/2013)

Striker dismisses Celtic link (15/08/2013)

Celtic renew striker bid (16/08/2013)

Striker welcomes fresh competition (16/08/2013)

Celtic expect tough test (16/08/2013)

Helping hand for keeper (16/08/2013)

Stats: Aberdeen v Celtic (17/08/2013)

Celtic warm to Dons task (17/08/2013)

Celtic face battle (17/08/2013)

Second bid rejected (19/08/2013)

Commons wants top replacements (19/08/2013)

Celtic are favourites concede rivals (19/08/2013)

We're in good spirits - Lennon (19/08/2013)

Celtic boosted by returns (19/08/2013)

We will play hard - Lennon (19/08/2013)

Stats: Shakhter Karagandy v Celtic (20/08/2013)

Celtic with much to do (20/08/2013)

We're still in it - Lennon (20/08/2013)

We can do it says Shakhter coach (21/08/2013)

Mulgrew positive over chances (21/08/2013)

We must put it right - Lustig (21/08/2013)

Lack of composure disappoints Lennon (21/08/2013)

Celtic in new striker link (22/08/2013)

No movement of fans (23/08/2013)

New contract for Lennon (23/08/2013)

Celtic have injury concerns (23/08/2013)

Defender confident of turn around (23/08/2013)

Progression so crucial - Matthews (23/08/2013)

Specialist visit for Celtic ace (23/08/2013)

Target moves clubs (23/08/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Inverness CT (24/08/2013)

Celtic fight back for draw (24/08/2013)

Celtic signings expected next week (24/08/2013)

Celtic maintain striker interest (25/08/2013)

No blame says former defender (25/08/2013)

Celtic's opponents rest ten (25/08/2013)

Game of our lives - Ledley (26/08/2013)

Home advantage key says skipper (26/08/2013)

No motivation required - Lennon (27/08/2013)

No excuses - Ledley (27/08/2013)

Celtic midfielder ruled out (27/08/2013)

Celtic keeper called up (27/08/2013)

Celtic 3-0 Shakhter K (AGG 3-2) (28/08/2013)

Celtic agree terms with midfielder (28/08/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Shakhter Karagandy (28/08/2013)

Dramatic winner as Celtic turn it around (28/08/2013)

My best yet - Lennon (28/08/2013)

Mixed feelings for proud Lennon (29/08/2013)

Home tie for Celtic (29/08/2013)

Celtic draw huge trio (29/08/2013)

Celtic complete midfielder deal (30/08/2013)

Celtic keeper relishes challenge (30/08/2013)

Striker undergoes Celtic medical (30/08/2013)

Celtic return to domestic matters (30/08/2013)

Celtic sign striker (31/08/2013)

Celtic target United defender (31/08/2013)

Stats: Dundee United v Celtic (31/08/2013)

Celtic snatch late win (31/08/2013)

Celtic bids unsettle striker (01/09/2013)

Striker departs on loan (01/09/2013)

Lennon hails 'huge' win (03/09/2013)

Brazilian ace to face Celtic (03/09/2013)

Defender in fitness scare (03/09/2013)

Celtic fans the best says Messi (03/09/2013)

Forrest thrilled to fire Euro dream (05/09/2013)

Kaka warns of Celtic threat (05/09/2013)

Duo available for group clashes (05/09/2013)

Celtic honour legend (08/09/2013)

Celtic fans honour hero (08/09/2013)

Celtic to return for striker (09/09/2013)

Celtic backed by former striker (09/09/2013)

Newcomer unlikely to debut (10/09/2013)

Injury concerns for Milan (10/09/2013)

Court date for Barcelona great (10/09/2013)

Celtic receive fine (10/09/2013)

Celtic warned over Milan threat (11/09/2013)

No added pressure for striker (12/09/2013)

Dutch ace marvels in Paradise (12/09/2013)

Striker hopes to end exile (12/09/2013)

Celtic blow as defender sidelined (13/09/2013)

Celtic want capital return (13/09/2013)

Stats: Hearts v Celtic (14/09/2013)

Debutant nets in Celtic triumph (14/09/2013)

Lennon looks to surprise (15/09/2013)

Celtic striker sets his goal (15/09/2013)

Skipper praised ahead of Italian job (16/09/2013)

More problems for Milan (16/09/2013)

We can get something - Lustig (16/09/2013)

Brazilian ace requests non-payment (17/09/2013)

Milan concerned over defence (17/09/2013)

Celtic open with Milan challenge (17/09/2013)

Glasgow to entertain visiting fans (18/09/2013)

No sympathy from Lennon (18/09/2013)

Debutant set to face Celtic (18/09/2013)

Stats: AC Milan v Celtic (18/09/2013)

Late goals end Celtic resistance (18/09/2013)

Result flattered Milan - Lennon (18/09/2013)

We were fortunate - Allegri (19/09/2013)

No real joy in praise (19/09/2013)

Celtic still target second place (20/09/2013)

Celtic return to domestic duties (20/09/2013)

Stats: Celtic v St Johnstone (21/09/2013)

Celtic hold on for win (21/09/2013)

First-half display thrills Lennon (22/09/2013)

Lennon accepts striker criticism (23/09/2013)

Celtic looking to progress (24/09/2013)

Striker in Celtic trial (24/09/2013)

Performances not enough (24/09/2013)

Lennon happy at Celtic (24/09/2013)

Striker targets Spanish giants (24/09/2013)

Celtic could introduce safe standing (24/09/2013)

Champions League a must for Celtic (24/09/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Morton (24/09/2013)

Celtic on end of cup shock (24/09/2013)

We did everything but score - Lennon (25/09/2013)

Defender to miss Celtic tie (25/09/2013)

Setback for Hoops (26/09/2013)

Celtic consider rival striker (26/09/2013)

No pressure on us - Commons (26/09/2013)

Midfielder confident of Celtic threat (27/09/2013)

No distractions for Killie test (27/09/2013)

Stats: Kilmarnock v Celtic (28/09/2013)

Samaras treble sends Celtic top (28/09/2013)

Lennon expects better start (28/09/2013)

Messi out of Celtic tie (29/09/2013)

We must be clinical says goalscorer (30/09/2013)

Duo back in reckoning (30/09/2013)

Celtic striker recalled (30/09/2013)

Barca not weakened - Ambrose (30/09/2013)

Lennon mixed over absence (30/09/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Barcelona (01/10/2013)

Single goal defeats ten-man Celtic (01/10/2013)

Lennon unhappy with dismissal (02/10/2013)

Sending-off was crucial - Ambrose (02/10/2013)

Lennon defends skipper (02/10/2013)

Skipper regrets dismissal (02/10/2013)

Forster ideal for Barca - Alves (04/10/2013)

Defender signs new deal (04/10/2013)

Defender thrilled to sign (04/10/2013)

Duo doubtful for weekend (04/10/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Motherwell (05/10/2013)

Celtic rise to the top (05/10/2013)

Lennon concerned over latest injury (06/10/2013)

Commons won't rule out Scotland (06/10/2013)

Celtic await verdict (07/10/2013)

Duo taking the plaudits (07/10/2013)

Celtic suffer injury blow (08/10/2013)

Midfielder toughs it out (09/10/2013)

Big week for Celtic defender (09/10/2013)

Lennon pleased to lead (12/10/2013)

Frustration for Celtic midfielder (13/10/2013)

Further blow for Celtic (14/10/2013)

Winger confident despite absences (14/10/2013)

Celtic ace targets run (15/10/2013)

Celtic hopeful of recovery (17/10/2013)

Dutch heartache for winger (17/10/2013)

No distractions for Mulgrew (17/10/2013)

Three-game ban for skipper (17/10/2013)

Celtic seek early rewards (18/10/2013)

Stats: Hibernian v Celtic (19/10/2013)

Celtic to fight ban (19/10/2013)

Forrest fires Celtic to draw (19/10/2013)

Commons set to miss Ajax (19/10/2013)

Defender under scrutiny (21/10/2013)

Keeper in Celtic link (21/10/2013)

Lennon recognises Dutch threat (21/10/2013)

Commons ruled out (21/10/2013)

Fans can inspire victory (21/10/2013)

Striker knows what to expect (21/10/2013)

Your Nominations Wanted For The FSF Awards (22/10/2013)

We can cover our losses - Samaras (22/10/2013)

Defeat is not an option - Lennon (22/10/2013)

Moment of truth for Celtic (22/10/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Ajax (22/10/2013)

Celtic earn first group victory (22/10/2013)

Lennon heartened by triumph (22/10/2013)

Celtic's opponents could face trouble (23/10/2013)

Ledley happy to silence doubters (24/10/2013)

Lennon delighted with goalscorer (24/10/2013)

Celtic still hopeful over ban (24/10/2013)

Double boost for winger (24/10/2013)

Rare derby action for Celtic (25/10/2013)

Stats: Partick Thistle v Celtic (27/10/2013)

Celtic move further clear (27/10/2013)

Lennon talks of potential (27/10/2013)

Football Aid 2014 - Play At Celtic Park! (28/10/2013)

Skipper to learn fate (29/10/2013)

Striker signs new deal (29/10/2013)

Delight at new deal for striker (29/10/2013)

Celtic to host final (30/10/2013)

Midfielder ready for next challenge (30/10/2013)

Celtic target next duo (30/10/2013)

Lennon praises troops (30/10/2013)

Striker ready to step up (30/10/2013)

Celtic denied stadium switch (31/10/2013)

Celtic plan after Lennon (31/10/2013)

Skipper loses appeal (01/11/2013)

Striker keen to maintain run (01/11/2013)

Celtic protect unbeaten record (01/11/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Dundee United (02/11/2013)

Late equaliser preserves record (02/11/2013)

Lennon satisfied with late point (02/11/2013)

Lennon ready for crucial test (04/11/2013)

Skipper has faith (04/11/2013)

Two-game ban for midfielder (05/11/2013)

More pressure on them - Mjallby (05/11/2013)

Trio ready to return (05/11/2013)

Point to prove for winger (05/11/2013)

Capital defence for Celtic (05/11/2013)

Celtic urge vigilance to fans (06/11/2013)

Stats: Ajax v Celtic (06/11/2013)

No Dutch double for Celtic (06/11/2013)

Still hope in defeat - Lennon (06/11/2013)

Defender retains belief (07/11/2013)

Celtic tie covered live (08/11/2013)

Early start for Celtic (08/11/2013)

Stats: Ross County v Celtic (09/11/2013)

Celtic's heads high in Dingwall (09/11/2013)

Lennon pleased with display (09/11/2013)

Celtic man doubtful (12/11/2013)

Celtic keen on midfielder (12/11/2013)

Messi to miss Celtic (12/11/2013)

Celtic move in on striker (12/11/2013)

Ajax receive fine (12/11/2013)

Nothing to prove (13/11/2013)

Keeper backed by former boss (13/11/2013)

Celtic bid accepted (13/11/2013)

Milan key for Celtic (14/11/2013)

Defender backs colleague (14/11/2013)

Midfielder set for milestone (14/11/2013)

More trouble for teenager (14/11/2013)

Total focus for Dutch defender (14/11/2013)

Celtic confirm striker fee agreed (15/11/2013)

Celtic to investigate claims (16/11/2013)

Lennon's pride at keeper (17/11/2013)

Midfielder ruled out (18/11/2013)

Defender expects colleagues to shine (18/11/2013)

Celtic sign striker (20/11/2013)

Celtic winger blamed (20/11/2013)

Commons wary of former colleague (20/11/2013)

Newcomer ready for the call (21/11/2013)

Five face jail terms (21/11/2013)

Winning is the key - Mulgrew (21/11/2013)

Messi prompted move to Celtic (21/11/2013)

Lennon positive over midfielder (22/11/2013)

Celtic host Dons threat (22/11/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Aberdeen (23/11/2013)

Late goals win it (23/11/2013)

We kept going - Lennon (23/11/2013)

Skipper mustn't change (23/11/2013)

We must win says goalscorer (25/11/2013)

No underestimating Milan (25/11/2013)

Celtic star arrested (26/11/2013)

Everything to gain for Celtic (26/11/2013)

Milan ace hopes for turn in fortunes (26/11/2013)

Day of reckoning for Celtic (26/11/2013)

Stats: Celtic v AC Milan (26/11/2013)

Celtic exit Europe (26/11/2013)

Lennon rues missed opportunities (27/11/2013)

Keeper targets CL return (27/11/2013)

No move after exit (28/11/2013)

Midfielder faces a break (29/11/2013)

Lennon wants instant response (30/11/2013)

Display disappoints Lennon (30/11/2013)

Stats: Hearts v Celtic (01/12/2013)

Seven-up for rampant Celtic (01/12/2013)

Best yet for Lennon (01/12/2013)

Hat-trick hero eyes old rivals (02/12/2013)

Home tie for Celtic (02/12/2013)

Lennon watches striker (03/12/2013)

Not for sale (04/12/2013)

Defender hopes for inclusion (04/12/2013)

Lennon plans ahead (06/12/2013)

Celtic bid to extend lead (06/12/2013)

Stats: Motherwell v Celtic (06/12/2013)

Celtic romp to another big win (06/12/2013)

Goalscorer defied sickness (07/12/2013)

Celtic 'appalled' by actions (07/12/2013)

Lennon baffled by fans (07/12/2013)

Supporters regret damage (08/12/2013)

Celtic suspend 128 fans (09/12/2013)

Decision was correct - Mjallby (10/12/2013)

Celtic finish at Barcelona (10/12/2013)

Still much to play for - Lennon (11/12/2013)

Stats: Barcelona v Celtic (11/12/2013)

Celtic hit for six (11/12/2013)

Lennon disheartened by collapse (11/12/2013)

We must rebuild says Commons (12/12/2013)

Keeper uncertain over future (12/12/2013)

Butcher defends Scottish game (12/12/2013)

Leaders return to domestic matters (13/12/2013)

Celtic are 'lightweights' says Lennon (13/12/2013)

Celtic receive 50,000 fine (13/12/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Hibernian (14/12/2013)

Single goal enough for Celtic (14/12/2013)

Lennon backs striker (15/12/2013)

Goal boosts Celtic striker (15/12/2013)

Lennon praises referee (15/12/2013)

Play at Celtic Park - The Perfect Xmas Gift! (16/12/2013)

Celtic check on midfielder (17/12/2013)

National approval for Celtic striker (17/12/2013)

Lazio deny Samaras claims (19/12/2013)

Celtic guard against complacency (19/12/2013)

Celtic relaunch striker bid (19/12/2013)

Celtic striker setting goals (19/12/2013)

Defender ruled out for four months (20/12/2013)

No movement over duo (20/12/2013)

Celtic take on bottom club (20/12/2013)

Stats: Celtic v Hearts (21/12/2013)

Celtic made to wait (21/12/2013)

We showed patience - Mjallby (22/12/2013)

Skipper wants unbeaten season (24/12/2013)

Ban lifted for Boxing Day game (24/12/2013)

Lennon expects tough challenge (24/12/2013)

Stats: St Johnstone v Celtic (26/12/2013)

Early goal enough for Celtic (26/12/2013)

Lennon hails goalscorer (26/12/2013)

Celtic ready for Highlands challenge (28/12/2013)

Stats: Inverness CT v Celtic (29/12/2013)

Early strike does it again for Celtic (29/12/2013)

Lennon praises goalscorer (29/12/2013)

Celtic seek to extend run (31/12/2013)

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